First of all, what is web hosting? Web hosting in the simplest form, is the art or science of making websites accessible on the Internet via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that render these services. These web hosts offer space on their servers and also provide Internet connectivity to their clients or subscribers.

Although the services mentioned above are the core services of web hosting companies, competition has pushed them into offering several other additional value adding services. Since there are so many web hosting companies around, each of them strives to be recognized as being among the best web hosting companies.

According to web hosting reviews written by web hosting experts, there are several types of web hosting. And some of them have been enumerated below.

•Shared web hosting service – This is a type of web hosting that allows several websites, up to hundreds of websites to run on the same server. Some web hosts do not own these servers. Rather, they lease and use them for clients.

•Reseller web hosting – This is the type of web hosting where clients can become web hosts too. They are allowed to lease more spaces than required. They will use it and also host their own clients too.

•Virtual dedicated server – This type of hosting requires virtual dedicated server (also known as virtual private server) as it involves the division of server resources for several virtual servers.

•Dedicated hosting service- For this type of hosting, the user or client gets full administrative access to manage his/her servers . Needless to say the maintenance, safety and security of both the server is the responsibility of the user and client.

•Managed hosting service – This type of hosting is a partial dedicated hosting service where the user is given his own dedicated server and partial permission to manage his own data on the server but does not have full administrative permission to manage his server. In this situation, the server being utilized is just on lease to the client or user.

•Colocation web hosting service – For this kind of web hosting, the user owns the server but his web host provides physical space and regular maintenance for it. Here, both software update and hardware upgrade are the responsibilities of the user. This kind of hosting is very expensive and that is why most users of this kind of service also host other websites to reduce the financial burden.

•Clustered hosting – This type of hosting entails having several servers hosting the same websites for better productivity and higher speed.

•Home server hosting – This hosting is usually done privately by the owner. It involves placing the server in his private residence. He secures, maintains and regularly upgrades it by himself.

Having answered the question – what is web hosting? , the next is to highlight features that most prospective clients look for in choosing their web hosts. There are two main non-technical features that have always attracted customers. These features work not only for web hosts but for all business organizations.

The first one is dedicated, well trained and highly professional support teams that will always be available to assist customers 24 hours a day. Support teams have to be available through multiple media like voice calls, Email, Several chatting media and through logging of issues on websites. At this point, it is noteworthy that the beauty of this feature lies in quick and helpful response. After all, communication is of no use if you won’t get the required response.

Another customer-pulling feature is a great balance between high quality of service and low charges. This strategy always works because everyone wants to enjoy the best service at the least possible cost. The only reason people opt for second to the best services is lack of affordability. Even though web hosting requires so much money as web hosts strive to possess state-of-the-art facilities at all time, clients still expect them to balance the high cost of running with moderately low charges.

Based on web hosting reviews, it is these additional value adding services that differentiate the best web hosting companies from run-of-the-mill ones. Some of the few web hosts that have carved a sizable niche for themselves in the web hosting industry are GoDaddy and iPage. Based on that fact, people now make reference to both iPage reviews and GoDaddy reviews to make their choice of a web host. Apart from that, competitors also see these reviews as industrial standards.

According to GoDaddy reviews, what stands this web hosting company out is the high number of domains under its management. GoDaddy is believed to have over 59 million domains under its management and still counting. How many other web hosts can match that huge client base? Since it took GoDaddy decades to build this client base, experience is also on its side.

Conclusively, a very good competitor to GoDaddy is iPage. It has also been tested and trusted. According to iPage reviews, apart from experience, iPage also offers free domain registration, unlimited email accounts and anytime money back guarantee.